About Mickey

 Mickey lives in the Portland Metropolitan area, she studied printmaking and drawing at Marylhurst University and graduated with a BFA in 1993.  She started Mick’s Media LLC in 1994 and has freelance designed for every kind of business and client.  illustrations  for Ad Agencies, Sign Designs, Logo work, Business  Branding, fine art printmaking, photo painting and drawing.


2 responses to “About Mickey

  1. Okay I am back on my blogging page I set up from my website. I basically organized most of my website out in Dream Weaver but my blog page is PHP wordpress. I am mostly an artist and not a code specialist and I have a lot to do to make my site nice. I cannot believe I have not filled up my Graphic Design page and photo art page yet. Oh yeah I remember why I don’t work on my own stuff… I’m too busy designing for everyone else. Which I am very grateful that people trust my design judgement. I am working on three projects this week, two logo’s, designing yoga mats for Yoga accessories co. and finishing up a catalogue for NYC interior safety (high rise) signs. Then in between all thsi commercial stuff I try to squeeze in photo art projects I will someday carve and draw as soon as my studio is done.

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